What happened? What’s coming? How can we prepare?

I am a Glenn Beck fan. I listen to his talk radio show on AM radio and watch his show on CNN whenever I can. He shares the same values and religious beliefs that I do, so I agree with much of what he says.

He recently published a series of three letters to his family on his website. This series helps to answer three questions that many of us have asked, are asking, or will ask about this financial crisis that we’re facing. I recommend that you read them through competely. They contain links to articles and other references for further investigation into this mess. He has presented his answers in a non-partisan format, so don’t worry about any bashing of any specific presidential candidates, but he does urge you, as do I, to vote for those elected officials who will make decisions that will fix our problem and not make it worse.

Here are links to the three letters:

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