An Obama Nation, An Abomination?

Last week 52% of Americans voted for the “change” promised by Barack Obama. Despite many arguments against his radical agenda, the majority has spoken, albeit a slim 6% majority. Hardly a landslide win.

Post-Election Reaction
Is it me? Or have the conservative “right” been far more sensible and gracious to Barack Obama since his election than the liberal “left” ever was to George W. Bush when he was elected? Immediately with Bush, he "stole" the election and he was "selected not elected." That didn't go away, even after winning all the recounts, the media recounts, and winning re-election four years later.

Bush has been widely praised for his graciousness during the transition, and McCain's concession speech was very classy. Why is there such a massive difference between the left and the right's response? My guess is a combination of:

  1. Conservatives generally start with the assumption that this country is good, and it works. We respect it even when it doesn't go our way and we tend to blame ourselves for not being competent before blaming the other side for being unfair. Some of that is a form of personal patriotism. This country is bigger than one candidate.
  2. We really hated the way Bush was treated. He wasn't given a chance, and we remember that. It ticks us off. Much like Sarah Palin, Bush was viciously attacked from the second he appeared on the national stage, most of the time unfairly.

My President
Despite my differences with Barack Obama, he will be the President of the United States of America. Glenn Beck said it best when he chastised a Georgia man who called in to his radio show to say that he refused to accept Obama as President. Glenn’s response was, “How very un-American of you. He is the American President. … this is the way our system works.” How true that is. It is very un-American to NOT believe in our democratic system of government. If you believe in our Constitution, our system of government, our values, our ideals, you will accept Obama as your President.

Before going into office, Obama currently has a 68% approval rating nationwide. This means that 44% of the people who did not vote for Obama are giving him the benefit of the doubt. When he screws up, we'll deduct points and let our voice be heard. If he does something great, we’ll add points and applaud him.

I don't think Obama will be a good president. But I “hope” that I can “change” that opinion. I hope he's the greatest president in our nation’s history. I hope the pre-election promises of perfection are realized. I doubt they will be, but I want to at least give him a chance to screw it up before I say he screwed it up. Regardless, he'll be my president until he leaves office, even if his nationwide approval rating reaches zero.

What We Can Expect From Obama
That being said, what can we expect Obama to do, based on articles and videos from his pre-election and post-election speeches? Here are a few:

  1. Raise taxes on the “wealthy” 5% of Americans
  2. “Spread the wealth” to those people “under” the wealthy who do not pay taxes
  3. Issue Executive Orders to implement and repeal laws
  4. Pass pro-choice legislation including expanding abortion rights to include infanticide
  5. Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to legalize homosexual marriages nationwide
  6. Appoint liberal judges who are not afraid of changing the Constitution or legislating from the bench
  7. Decriminalize marijuana
  8. Bankrupt the coal industry
  9. Force electricity prices to “necessarily skyrocket” to force Americans to conserve energy
  10. Organize a “civilian security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as our military
  11. Socialize health care
  12. Wave the white flag of retreat in Iraq and leave the Iraqi people without protection from insurgents and terrorist

There are more, but I’ll leave those for you to read elsewhere. His plans are to push our country into a socialistic government, attack our Constitution, and erode the basic, conservative values and morals that our country was founded on. If an Obama Nation means giving up our freedoms and values, then it truly is an abomination.

I sincerely hope that he will realize that 48% of Americans did not win his vote or confidence. I hope he will govern, as he has promised, from the center. And I hope that when his policies are in contrast to those of God, our founding fathers, and of us Conservatives we and our elected officials will speak up, fight and stop him.

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