I Love To See The Temple!

draper_lds_mormon_templeThis past Saturday my family had the opportunity to attend the Draper, Utah LDS Temple open house. It is a beautiful temple and, like the many other temples that I have been to, full of the Spirit of God.

My three year old was so excited to see the temple. He has only seen the outside of some of the other temples in our area, so being able to go inside was definitely an experience he was looking forward to. Heidi had prepared a special lesson for our Family Home Evening last Monday, so we could talk about what we would see and feel while we were at the temple. She taught him that the temple represents Heavenly Father’s house and that we were going to be guests there. We would need to be quiet and reverent, but that we would be able to see all the different rooms in His house. We talked about baptism and the baptismal font. We talked about the oxen and how many there were and what they represented. We taught him that the Celestial Room represented what it might be like in heaven when we return to live with God and Jesus Christ again.

draper-temple-3As we walked through the temple, I couldn’t help but feel the power of the Holy Ghost there. Even though the temple had not been dedicated yet, the sense of it’s sacred purpose abounded there. Ben loved the oxen holding the baptismal font on their backs. We counted all 12 of them with him. As we walked through each room we tried to describe to him what the purpose of each room was. Some of the ordinance rooms were beautifully painted with murals of natural landscapes.

It seemed like there were hundreds of works of art depicting scenes from Christ’s ministry. Ben noticed every single one, pointing out to us where Jesus was in each painting.

draper-celestial-room-200x300As we entered the Celestial Room, Ben said, in utter awe, “Mommy, it is so beautiful!” I wanted to tell him that “yes, Heavenly Father’s house IS beautiful,” but I had to instead tell him to not step onto the white carpet underneath the padding we were supposed to walk on and follow. Heidi told him that after we come to the temple to make covenants with Heavenly Father for ourselves or for those who have passed on, we can sit in that room and reflect on our lives and our spiritual well-being. It is a peaceful, sacred place.

When we entered one of the Sealing rooms, we were asked to take a seat for a short talk about the purpose of the room. Tyler started getting really anxious to walk around and play because I had been carrying him the whole time. He started to cry, so I had to leave the room with him, so as to not disturb the presentation. Ben took the pause in the tour as an opportunity to sing Barbara Ann into the mirror on the wall. 🙂

What a blessed experience it was for me to be together with my little family for the first time in a temple of God. Hopefully it will not be the last time and hopefully an experience I will have for all eternity.

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  1. Scott,
    I had the exact same feeling going through the Draper Temple with Liv and Ryan. How awesome to stand in the Celestial Room and know we can be in such a beautiful place for all of eternity with those we love. Thanks for sharing your family’s awesome experience!!!

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