A Generous Stimulus Of My Very Own

A few weeks ago the CEO of the company that I work for emailed us to announce that they would once again be extending a benefit/perk to some of the employees that allowed each person to purchase a “gadget” or multiple “gadgets” and the company would reimburse us up to $500. Not only was that an extremely generous perk, but also a very difficult decision to make of what to get. 🙂 I honestly would have preferred to spend that money on food storage or some home improvement projects, but it had to be spent on “gadgets”. The idea behind it is that we get something fun and useful that we normally would not get. So, after much debate and searching, this is what I got:

PA for my kids
A small PA system for my kids to have "Band Gigs" at home
Rock Band 2
Rock Band 2 bundle
Rock Band 1
Rock Band 1
Microphone tube preamp
Microphone tube preamp

Thanks, OGF! 🙂

Ben & Tyler rockin' out!
One of our "Band Gigs"

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