My Gift to My Wife for Mother’s Day

I’ve been neglecting my blog lately. Not because I dislike blogging or that I don’t have anything to talk about. I’ve just been very busy at work and also working out in my yard at my house to try to finish my wife’s Mother’s Day present before Mother’s Day.

Piles of dirt, weeds and rock.Three years ago I built our fence around our yard. Two and a half years ago I landscaped our front yard and backyard with stone walls, decorative rock, sprinklers and grass. Over the past two summers we’ve added trees, bushes and flowers. But there has always been this one side of our house (north side) that has taken a backseat. It was the “catchall” of everything left over from the previous projects, including huge piles of dirt and literally tons of left over rock. Weeds had taken over and some were as tall as me. It was always our intention to plant our garden in that location, but I lacked the motivation and resources to take on the project.

Lately I’ve been more interested in emergency preparedness, food storage, and preparedness in general and I really wanted to start our garden. I asked my wife what she wanted for Mother’s Day a few months ago and she said she wanted her garden done. What better motivation than a set date to complete the project by? So, I planned on preparing the side of the house to be able to make our garden. The problem was that the snow just kept coming. Every Saturday we’d have another storm and I couldn’t start. So, I finally was able to start a month or so ago, moving the tons of rocks, removing the giant weeds and getting everything ready to build a retaining wall so we could level out the garden, since our side yard slopes away from the house about 2 feet or so. Night after night, I worked and finally was ready to start the wall. Building the retaining wall.My wife’s dad had 170 or so wall blocks left from when he re-landscaped his yard last year. He helped me on Saturday two weeks ago to start the wall in the pouring rain. I spent the next week finishing the wall. Then I cleared the walkways around it and laid weed fabric and wheelbarrowed a ton of rocks that I had previously moved out of that area back into it for the paths. My father-in-law took a day off of work to move the huge piles of dirt into the planting bed and roto-tilled it and added peet moss into it as well. I added four spickets to irrigate the furrows. It was finally ready for planting last Friday, the 8th of May.

Ready for planting.

Larry (my wife’s dad) helped us again this past Saturday to plant the garden. Did I mention that he’s a farmer? So, I was able to finish my wife’s Mother’s Day present just before Mother’s Day. I think it’s awesome looking and is well worth the hundreds of hours of hard work. Happy Mother’s Day, Heidi.

Garden completed. Happy Mother's Day, Heidi.

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