Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-28

  • "All that is necessary for the forces of Evil to prevail is for enough Good men to do nothing." – Edmund Burke #
  • RT @jasoninthehouse: Passed 219-212. I voted no. – #capandtax #capandtrade #tcot | Hopefully the Senate kills it. Tell your Senators "NO!" #
  • RT @AmSol: Pelosi says the #energytax is a "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs" bill. Like we said earlier, it would send our jobs to China and India. #
  • @johnboehner just finished his reading of the 300-page amendment to thunderous applause from GOP. Stupid bill w/ stuff for Fannie & Freddie #
  • Boehner to filibuster. He has unlimited time. @johnboehner will read entire 300-page amendment! (via @ConnieHair) #capandtax | Awesome! #
  • Jobs, jobs, jobs… Dems keep touting job creation from #capandtax bill, but will not acknowledge 2.2 jobs will be LOST for each created #
  • RT @michellemalkin: Barton closing statement: Facts ,data, inconvenient truths. Waxman closing statement: HOPE! CHANGE! SAVE THE PLANET! #
  • RT @AmSol: Rep Tom Price just asked for a moment of silence for those who are about to lose their job b/c of the #energytax (He was denied) #
  • GOPs request to read copy of 300 page amendment drafted by Dems last night for #capandtax bill. Dems deny them right & deny such rule exists #
  • Come join and contribute to – Content for Conservatives. Share with others. #tcot #conservative @ConservaDigg #
  • RT @michellemalkin: RT @CalebHowe: Introducing Cap'n Tax! | Photoshop comic relief. 🙂 #
  • RT @michellemalkin: Rep Weiner on House floor now: If u don't pass #capandtrade, u support terrorists. | Left rediscovers word "terrorist." #
  • Rep Weiner is a total moron. Dems tax Americans into energy independence, Conservatives want energy independence by producing our own #tcot #
  • Spanish study: $774,000 cost for each AND loss of 2.2 "normal" jobs for each "green job" created since 2000. #capandtax #
  • Rep Dingell just admitted #capandtax is faulty & full of crap, but it's "urgent to act immediately on energy". #tcot #
  • Now watching Rep Lucas tell it how it really is. #capandtax #tcot #
  • Watching Rep Waxman lie to the House about the "tremendous opportunity" #capandtax will afford the American people. #
  • I think I might have damaged my left eardrum at last night's band performance. I can't get the clicking, popping and ringing to go away. #
  • Scott's Soapbox: Democracy is a Form of _____________. #tcot #humor #obama #cartoon #
  • Scott's Soapbox: Take Action Now! Cap and Trade Vote Tomorrow – Call your House & Senate reps right now! #
  • Take action right now! Call your Reps & tell them "vote NO" on energy tax. Don't stand idly by hoping others will speak up for you. #tcot #
  • Crossroads performance: Lehi Roundup Rodeo Family BBQ Wed. June 24 4:30PM-7PM at Wines Park in Lehi Utah. #
  • Crossroads performance: Lehi Roundup Rodeo Family BBQ Wed. June 24 4PM – 7PM at Wines Park in Lehi, Utah. #

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