Why Do We Have to Deal With this Kind of Crap?

You've Lost Our TrustThis article in the Deseret News from Saturday titled “The Thief Inside” is very timely considering I have two siblings incarcerated at the moment because of this very thing. It makes me so angry that my parents have given everything they have to raising and teaching us all gospel principles and choice & accountability, but there are those who choose to not live righteous lives. I’m not saying that everyone has to live the Gospel to perfection, but I’m saying just be law-abiding, god-fearing, honest citizens. Be respectful, dang it, and don’t take advantage of and steal from your family. You force the rest of us to make hard decisions that involve “tough love” that we should never have to deal with. Why do we have to deal with this kind of crap? Your poor kids suffer because of your stupidity. Your parents suffer because you’ve violated their trust that you may never get back. You are in jail because you deserve to be there and I hope you learn many lessons from it. Ahhhhhhhh! Grow up!

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