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The History of Selling Snake Oil – Chuck Asay

Chuck Asay

1935 – FDR’s Social Security Cure-All
FDR: “My friends, this will also protect future generations from going deeper in debt!”
Moron: “Oooo!”
Now It’s… “How much debt?” “$400,000 per household!”

1965 – LBJ’s Medicare Express
LBJ: “…and all this, fellow Americans, will only cost $150 a month!”
Moron: “Oooo!”
Now It’s… “How much debt?” “$500,000 per household!”

Now It’s…
Pelosi: “Folks, this new entitlement will actually reduce the deficit!”
Moron: “Oooo!”
“They think we’re idiots!”

Don’t Tell Baldemort


Vijay: “Wally, will you do me a favor?”

Wally: “Absolutely, what are friends for? After all, you’d do a favor for *me* if I asked, right?”

Vijay: “Um… sure.”

Wally: “Of course you would. So do me a favor and don’t ask me to do any favors.”

Vijay: “Wow, okay, I did not see that coming.”

Asok: “You’re like a wizard who uses the rules of social convention as if they are magic. You’re Hairless Potter!”

Wally: “Don’t tell Baldemort.”